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Soule Soups has your healthy everyday nutritional source to make you feel alive with every spoon.

On the Go, at the office, after or before your workout it will give you the right feeling to just go through your day.


  • What is the shelf-life of my Soule Soups ?


    Take a moment to inspect the expiration date printed on the back label.


    You also can freeze our soups when they arrive cold at your home. Recommended for 3 month only.


    High-pressure processing (HPP) is a“nonthermal” food preservation technique that inactivates harmful pathogens and vegetative spoilage microorganisms by using pressure rather than heat to effect pasteurization.

  • Do you deliver Soule Soups all over the UAE ?


    We Deliver to all emirates in the UAE every Wednesday and Thursday.

    You will receive 3 SMS or WhatsApp updates ones the Delivery is on the way.

  • Ingredients, gluten and plant based Soule Soups ?

    All our ingredients are natural and freshly prepared for each production cycle.

    We source all our ingredients as much as possible and seasonable available from farms of the UAE and GCC.

    Did you know that Soule Soups vegetable based soups are all vegan which means dairy free, as well we are not useing any gluten.

    Our bone broth's are from free ranged chickens or veal, roasted or blanched before slowly cooking them for 12h to retrieve all the nuitrions.

    It does take time to soften the connective tissue and to extract collagen from it. If we would cook your broth for too short a period of time, your broth will lack protein and gelatin.

  • Why Soule Soups is your key to a 5 a Day lifestyle !

    Due the fact we are only using vegetables to produce our soups and blending them in a special way.

    Every soup contains approximately 60-70% of the core vegetable of the type you choose and which will when consume all cover nearly your 5 a Day (500g vegetable a day) intake.