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“An easy route to better living”

We don’t compromise on flavour or ingredients and our soups pack a real punch. This is about positivity, fulfilment and momentum.

Soule Soups is all about maximising potential

Forget ‘less is more’ – ‘more is more’

Better taste, better health, a better you.

“We are all in”

Soule Soups is your companion, on your side, helping you

We focus on what goes in rather than what is taken out
It is something for all the classes and the masses
Our message is not just about health - but people, lifestyles and mindsets. This is not a revolution, it’s about strength in numbers.
It’s not a campaign, it’s a community.

My daughter just ordered me ur soups. And I just want say wow! Yum! Tasty! ETC. bravo well done. Packaging is great. Wish we have this in UK!


I ordered ur ramen the other .. Oh boy.. I gatta tell youitwas one of the tastiest Ramens I've ever had.


Thanks! There so good and light and perfectly seasoned! I saw u have a mushroom one too :-) hoping u bring that one to kibsons!


Plan your Week

Build your Meal Plan

Choose between 11 Flavours of Vegan soups and 4 bone broths as more is more for less